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What is Designer's Gate?

Designer's Gate is a community base channel for creators of all industries. If you would like to shout out your own Locals, your services, feel free to do so. Also, you can share your ideas, tutorials or just brag about your talent. Either if you are a Desktop Publisher, a Gamer, a Developer, a Cook or any other kind of creative mind. You are welcome.

Let’s just keep things friendly. This is a community for all ages. Do not trash someone else’s work or art, unless you are being respectful about it.

Be Kind

Art is a subjective industry, what for some people is a work of art for others is not. For example, I don’t like Rembrandt dark period, but for some, is the best period from him. And that’s OK, I agree to disagree, and the world is not ending because of it. I hope you get the point.

The Purpose of Designer's Gate and Motto

The community is intended for creators to share their experiences and to help other creators in the process. That’s why Designer's Gate motto is:

Learn, Create, Share.

Community Guidelines

Please respect the following community guidelines to maintain an enjoyable environment:

  • Keep conversation respectful, without personal attacks
  • Don’t blow up other members’ feeds. If someone isn’t responding to you, let it be
  • No pornography
  • Keep out behavior that could be seen as trolling/spamming
  • Relax, be yourself, and enjoy

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